Opening of "My Eyes Are Up Here" at Fort Works Art

Pictured: Kate Stipp, Megan Van Groll, Lauren Childs, Sarah Colby. 📷: Bill Stipp

Kate Stipp & Megan Van Groll. 📷: Bill Stipp

Kate Stipp & Megan Van Groll. 📷: Bill Stipp

Earlier this year, I was invited by Fort Works Art, a gallery in nearby Fort Worth, Texas, to participate in a 2-person show with fellow figurative painter Kate Stipp.  

I had 7 pieces ready to go at the time I got the call, and created 5 brand new ones for the show in the 9 intense weeks between the invitation and drop-off of the work. I'm thrilled with the way they all came out, and how well-paired they were with Kate's work. 

The opening was during Spring Gallery Night, one of the two most high-traffic evenings in the Fort Worth gallery scene. And the turnout lived up to the hype - it was packed!

"My Eyes Are Up Here" runs through May 5. For details on visiting, or to inquire about any of the work in the show, head over to

New drawing: "What Came Before," 11x14, graphite on paper, 2017.

"What Came Before." 11" x 14," graphite on paper, 2017.

"What Came Before." 11" x 14," graphite on paper, 2017.

Every now and then I like to take a break from my usual medium - oil on canvas or panel - to get back to my roots. One of the aspects I love most about working with graphite is that it feels inherently nostalgic. As an artistic, introverted kid, you could keep me entertained for hours with just a few sheets of loose leaf computer paper and #2 pencils. Now my materials are a little more sophisticated and professional grade. I still have that #2 (which actually means 2B) pencil - but it's supplemented by its HB, 4B, 6B, and 8B counterparts. 

2017-07-13 10.55.45 2.jpg

I am calling this one "What Came Before." It is part of my ongoing series using the female form in various poses of struggle and combat to express and give shape to our emotional and psychological inner lives. Read more about that series in my recent blog post, "My paintings of fighting women: the origin story."