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"Allegory of Graces" Oil Painting

Allegory of Graces saved for web.jpg
Allegory of Graces saved for web.jpg

"Allegory of Graces" Oil Painting


36"x48" oil on canvas, 2015.

This piece is the first large painting of my new series focused on darker emotions of the female experience. It’s uncommon to see images of female rage and violence in contemporary culture. This is a space typically reserved for men. But we all have that red hot core, a capacity for darkness buried and pulsing inside. We’re all animals.

These paintings began with a deep urge to visualize and explore these tensions in narrative form. The figurative and allegorical nature of these paintings also draw influence from my time studying painting and art history in Florence, Italy. The title of this piece is also a reference to Botticelli's Primavera for both the high-contrast color scheme (and the underpainting method used to achieve this contrast) and the use of the female form to represent certain ideals.

This painting was completed in 2015 using oil on stretched canvas. The canvas features a deep 2" profile which looks stunning hung directly on the wall unframed.

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